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04 Mar: The ultimate small business marketing checklist

You’ve taken the leap of faith and want to launch your side hustle or small business to the world! Congratulations! 

Marketing your small business | what marketing does your business need blog
25 Feb: Marketing every business needs.

Marketing is the most important thing a business can do to raise brand awareness and build a stream of leads….

Virtual classroom & Tutor websites
17 Feb: Add value to your online brand – reinvent yourself in your virtual classroom.

There’s no denying it: nothing replaces the physical presence of teachers in their classrooms. But the reality of today’s times…

Social media as the ideal brand awareness tool
26 Aug: Social Media, the easiest and most cost effective way to gain brand awareness.

Social media as the ideal brand awareness tool As a fellow small business owner, I’ve realised the need to get…

Marketing during COVID-19 Lockdown| Concept Inc
26 Mar: Business Owners: How to Make the Most of the 21 Day Lockdown

COVID-19 has thrown us all a massive curveball. While the pandemic is a serious concern, it’s presented us all with…

Concept Inc. | Brand Identity
06 Dec: Brand identity

The year 2020 is only a month away with the promise of new graphic design trends that will rock your…