Business Owners: How to Make the Most of the 21 Day Lockdown

COVID-19 has thrown us all a massive curveball. While the pandemic is a serious concern, it’s presented us all with unique opportunities to pause, reassess and reset our lives and businesses.

Marketing during COVID-19 Lockdown| Concept Inc


Whether you’re working on launching a side hustle, or wondering how you will keep your business flourishing during and after the lockdown, we’ve put together a list of ways you can use this time wisely to gear up your marketing.

Make the most of the spare moments

Keep your business communications going.

Social media marketing and mailers are the perfect mediums to use as they are fast, free, and you’ll have a captive audience who are glued to their phones and social networks.

Inform your customers and suppliers about your business’ policies during the lockdown (Are you an essential service? Will you be working remotely?).

Tell your audience about what you’ll be up to and what kind of content they can expect from you.

TIP: we’re all hungry for some feel-good content, so if you can share something that will make someone smile, post that first.

Also, please triple check your sources to avoid sharing fake news and spreading panic.

Saving 2+ hours of travel time a day? Dedicate that time to working on your business.

Take a look at your forecasts, plans and goals for this financial year. There’s no doubt that the lockdown will affect our economy, so take this time to assess where your business is at, and what measures you can put do to minimize financial impact.

All those meetings that could’ve been emails? Now you can use that time to refresh your social media.

Admittedly, we’re LOVING this move from physical meetings to online/email comms (introverts unite… separately!)

Now that you’ve freed up a whole lot of time from not having to listen to Karen retell her cat stories before your meeting has even started, you can use this time to change up your social media cover images, update your business information online, and get your social channels looking slick.

Can’t have people come into your store? Build an online shop!

Setting up an eCommerce store will help you stay in business and reach the customers who can’t physically get to you (during and after the lockdown).

You aren’t limited to only selling products online – you can also set up a shop to sell your services (online consulting, coaching and training). Get creative and think about how you can digitize your business.

Refresh your marketing strategy

Be prepared and ready to hit the ground running when we all resurface from our homes after 3 weeks.

Think about your messaging to customers, how you can improve your SEO, updating your website’s look and feel, and how you can move more towards digital marketing in the future.

Concept-Inc will still be operational during the lockdown. If there is anything you need assistance with during this time, please let us know and we’ll work together to help set your business up for success. Email

Stay safe and healthy!

Ronnie & Concept Inc partners