Logo Design Trends for 2017

The predictions for logo design trends for 2017 are in, and while the foundation for creating a memorable logo design never changes, there are a few new techniques that will be sure to create an eye-catching, impressive brand for you.

If you’re thinking about re-vamping your logo, 2017 is definitely the year for creativity and art elegance.

Have a look at the top logo design trends for 2017 by justcreative.com and from thecrowder.com courtesy of Adi Yagil.


  1. Literal Minimalism – or ‘flat-design’ that’s practical and purpose-driven.
  2. Hand-Drawn – this trend for capturing an authentic brand is continuing from 2016 into 2017.
  3. Negative Space – this incorporates dual-imagery, where there is more than 1 picture in the image that tells a story about the brand.
  4. Line Art – this modern style with thicker lines and a single colour has stood the test of time since 2015.
  5. Vintage – there’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia to get customers feeling connected to your brand.
  6. Form Simplification – this is where you de-clutter and neaten up an existing logo.
  7. Moving Parts – using GIFs, your logo can move and interact with users online.
  8. Repetition – Using a repeating pattern on all your branding material will help instill in the customers mind your logo and your business.
  9. Colour Mix – Subtle use of gradients to blend objects and create depth.
  10. Stacked – Stacking the letters to create a memorable logo and brand.

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