Cheap Website Design Costs you More

A lot of companies, especially start-ups, generally don’t have a lot of capital to pump into website design, as it’s thought of as a ‘nice-to-have’ or something that shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred rand. They often get offered help by a friend of a friend who thinks they know what they’re doing, or call on cheap website designers who, as everyone loves to have as a requirement,  ‘won’t cost an arm and leg’.

The problem is, the very cheap quotes are often accompanied by really poor design. And no one wants that. Let’s face it, everyone is online. Yup, even your customers. So that means you need to have a good online profile that you feel proud to show off to your customers. And the first place to start is with a professional website.

It’s important to understand that cheap design often ends up costing your business much more. Sometimes in the very short term. Think carefully before signing off on that cheap quote.

Here’s why:

Cheap = Less time spent understanding your business

Good design that works for your target audience and improves user experience is a really important factor to consider. Often, agencies or individuals who offer cheap design don’t worry to think about the end goal of a website and how your customers are meant to use it.

Instead, all you get is a cut-and-paste approach where you get left with a website that looks really uninspiring, dull and boring, and your customers don’t use it as you need them to.

Total Cost:

  • Initial cheap website design
  • Loss of potential online customers
  • Revamped website design in a few months to create what your business needs.

You Pay for What you Get

That’s self-explanatory, and unless you’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with a designer who promised many great things but seriously under-delivered, you will never quite understand how severe that pain can be. Bad design can scar you… for life!

What can you expect to pay for a website?

Every business has its own strategy, which means every website has a unique purpose and you need to know that the designer who is consulting with you on developing your site understands what your business is, how it works, who your customers are, and what action you want them to take on the website. Once, and only one they know that, are they in any position to quote you on a website solution.

A simple website with minimal pages and a simple contact form is often enough for most start-ups.

Aspects like e-commerce, big galleries and online portfolios can start to increase the cost, but if that’s what your business needs to work and make you money, trust us – invest in that from the start!

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